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Residential building

Santa Marinha e São Pedro da Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto)

Sale 1,490,000 €
  • MAD/00445
  • New
  • 300 m² Usefuls, 350 m² Grosses
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Details Of Residential building

Energy Rating

  • Rating: ;


  • Nr. floors: ;
  • Nr of units :
    • Residential: ;


  • Floor:
    • Ground floor;
    • 1st;

Confort and appliances

  • Central Heating:
    • Complete;

Smart homes systems and safety

  • CCTV;
  • Gas leak detectors;
  • Video surveillance;



    • Schools;
    • Public transports;
    • Supermarkets and shopping;
    • Clinics, hospitals and chemists;
    • Access:
      • Public transports;
      • Underground;
      • Train;
      • Motorway;
    • Location:
      • Downtown;
      • Riverside;
    • Amenities:
      • Shopping centre;
      • Supermarkets;
      • Banks;
      • Post office;
      • Chemist;
      • Hospital;
      • Schools;
      • Kindergarten;
      • Nursing home;
      • Health center;
      • Police station;
    • Surrounding area:
      • Residential;
      • Commercial/Shopping;
      • Turist;

    Location Of Residential building

    Latitude:         Longitude:

    Street View unavailabe in this area

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    cn madalena

    351222444629 Rua António Francisco Sousa, 584, R\Ch. Esq.Vila Nova de Gaia - Porto
    License AMI: 7142 Nº APEMIP: