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Rustic land

Paderne, Albufeira (Faro)

Zone: Paderne (Albufeira)
Sale 90,000 €
  • 00/T/18393
  • 30,080 m² Grosses
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Description of Rustic land

Rustic land in agricultural area, Ribeira de Alte, Paderne, Albufeira, Algarve This land is located in the area known as Ribeira de Alte, next to a water line. The land is classified as rustic in an agricultural area, belongs to the National Agricultural Reserve. In this way, the use to be made of the land is very limited. Only agriculture is allowed due to the high fertility of these soils. This entire area is essentially of countryside with some scattered residences. The resident population is already a mixture of retired foreigners, with local Portuguese, who are mostly of some age. The surrounding houses are typical of simple architecture from the forties, maintaining a familiar and pleasant atmosphere. Privacy is a feature of these houses with plenty of space between rooms. Small agglomerations of dwellings in which the residents are familiar with each other are frequent. This place is like many others that we can find outside the urban areas of small towns in the Algarve. The types of local trees such as carob, almond, fig and almond are the most popular species and simultaneously an economic source in the region. This resource was of fundamental importance during the last century. Economic exchanges were carried out by valuing the land with these trees at the expense of the coastal land near the beaches, which did not produce any income. This land is about three and a half kilometers from the village of Paderne and about thirteen kilometers from Albufeira. Hospital Lusíadas is thirteen and a half kilometers away and the Health Center is twelve kilometers away. The pharmacy is in Paderne as well as some shops. Beaches such as Praia da Galé are twenty kilometers away.

Details of Rustic land

Energy Rating

  • Rating: ;



    • Location:
      • Interior;
    • Views:
      • Country;
    • Surrounding area:
      • Residential;

    Location of Rustic land

    Latitude:         Longitude:

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