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IGMI - Sociedade Mediação Imobiliária, Lda. AMI: 231 IGMI Ltd. which has been in this activity since 1987 and with our proven experience, allows us to work with the best values ​​in the market. We know that we can still do more and better, this is the thought that always guides and motivates our entire team, made up of qualified, dynamic professionals committed to meeting the needs of our customers. We have facilities with excellent working conditions to provide a good Real Estate Mediation service. Our real estate marketing work includes the treatment and monitoring of the entire process inherent to the purchase and sale of the same and advice on the best bank financing conditions. We are professionals. This is our motto and we assume it clearly. To offer greater convenience and speed and provide the best Real Estate Mediation service, we have a CASAPRONTA BRANCH in our facilities (licensed by the Institute of Registries and Notary). If you are interested in the TAX REGIME FOR NON-USUAL RESIDENTS, GMI offers this service to non-resident citizens in Portugal who are willing to establish permanent residence in Portugal, (e.g. self-employed professionals, retirees and pensioners, professionals in high added value activities, as well as high net worth people). This added value applies to the exemption method as a method of eliminating international legal double taxation of income from external sources and to the application of a special IRS rate. When you want to buy, sell or

Lisboa, Lisboa

IGMI - Sociedade Mediação Imobiliária AMI 231Rua Manuel MarquesLisboa - Lumiar

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