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The ComprarCasa de Castelo Branco was born from a challenge. That?s how our Family joined ComprarCasa Portugal. This year project went ahead with the purpose of making dreams come true. We have our external values in which we work daily for the benefit of our clients. They are: TRANSPARENCY - COMMITMENT - EMPATHY - QUALITY We act with TRANSPARENCY so that all the information is transmitted to all the team members, so that there is uniformity in the dialogue and together we can find strategic solutions and achieve our clients' objectives. Our COMMITMENT is with the client, as he is our focus so that he can achieve his dream or objective. EMPATHY helps us to understand certain circumstances, to identify the needs of each one, because they are not all the same. It is our capacity to help. QUALITY is the delivery of the best result to the satisfaction of all involved. It is seen as the result of a joint effort by the whole team and not just a specific group of people. Because together we overcome all the adversities we face daily and help each other mutually, this makes us a team that faces the market head on and reaches the client's objectives that are proposed to us. This makes us a WINNING TEAM.

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco

ComprarCasa Castelo Branco AMI 19405Av. de Espanha Castelo Branco - Castelo Branco

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